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Frequently Asked Questions

Is everything gluten-free?
Yes! We are dedicated gluten-free. Ingredients from gluten-containing lines never even show their face around here.
What about tree nuts?
No tree nuts! We are dedicated free from tree nuts, peanuts, fish, and shell-fish. Please be advised that we do use coconut, which the FDA classifies as a tree nut, however, botanically it is a seed
So what’s the deal about coconut?
While the FDA (Food & Drug Administration) classifies coconut as a tree nut, it is botanically a seed, like quinoa, sunflower seeds, buckwheat, and a bazillion other things. There is an organized effort within the allergen-free world do get coconut removed from the tree nut list, BUT like all things, some people have an allergy to coconut. We use coconut flour in many of our baked goods, as it is one of the more hypoallergenic and nutritive flour alternatives. We are happy to assist with pointing out coconut-free options for our patron, or fulfilling a specialty order.
Can employees or guests bring in food containing gluten/wheat, peanuts, tree nuts, fish, or shellfish within the walled confines of range free?
What does “dedicated” mean?
The Oxford English Dictionary defines it as “devoted to a special task or purpose…or…designed for a specific purpose.” In the food industry, it means the ingredients and facilities are completely absent of problematic foods, thus eliminating the possibility of cross-contact
What does Top 8 Free mean?
The FDA currently considers 8 food groups to be the largest percentage and most fatal of food allergies. They are: wheat, peanuts, tree nuts, fish, shellfish, dairy, egg, & soy.
What do “g/f” “d/f” “e/f” “s/f” mean?
g/f is gluten-free, which is awfully redundant, but “what’s gluten-free?” is a weekly standard question. d/f = dairy-free, e/f = egg-free, s/f = soy-free
Menu items will utilize these free-from labels. Pastry case items, however, will be labeled if they contain egg or dairy (or coconut or oats).
Then what about dairy, egg, and soy allergies?
We are not dedicated-free from these Three of the Top Eight, and utilize them in many dishes and baked goods. We do, however, have special preparation surfaces and segregation practices to avoid the chance of cross-contact. Severe egg, dairy, or soy allergies are best communicated with the entire staff to follow meal production every step of the way. The only menu item with soy is traditional mayonnaise, which we keep separate utensils for.
What the heck is quinoa and why is it everywhere here?
Quinoa is a seed traditionally grown in the mountains of Peru. It carries the misnomer of “super-grain” because while it is super, it is not a grain! It is, however, packed full of protein, fiber, and every other body-positive thing you can throw in.
Lots of gluten-free foods use rice or corn flour. Do range free’s product use them?
range free is 99% GRAIN-free as well. We do not use rice or corn flour, corn syrup for sweetener, or corn starch for thickener in our standard products. Some of our artificial food colorings do use corn starch – let us know if you need natural dyes! Our manufactured items that would usually use corn starch (i.e. powdered sugar or baking powder), use grain-free alternatives. We use gluten-free oats & oat flour in some food items. If the daily special is a non-Western inspired dish, we may feature whole grain rice or corn, or corn taco shells, but it is not essential to the dish and may be left out.
What is xanthan gum?
Xanthan gum is a manufactured product that is common in gluten-free food, for its binding properties, doing the job of what gluten does for wheat. It can be made from a corn byproduct, but is often tolerated by grain-allergic individuals. A small percentage of the population does not process gums well. The amount of xanthan gum in our products is less than 0.005%, but we can eliminate it from most items for special orders (requiring 48 hours notice)
Do you make custom cakes?
It’s our raison d’etre! So, yes. Fill out our custom cake request order form, stop by the store, call 573-777-9980, or email to discuss your special cake. Please keep in mind that if you have inspiration pictures from the web some items may not translate well for allergen-free needs.
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*Tree nuts are not used at range free. However, the FDA classifies coconut as a tree nut, although botanically it is not, and it is used in some of our products. Some of our gluten-free flours are processed in a facility that also processes nut flours. After nut processing, the machines are thoroughly cleaned, the first 30lbs of non-nut flours are disposed (donated), and the remaining product is tested. Please ask if you have any questions!
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